Saturday, January 12, 2013

Larry Green

I was so please to be able to bring in my brother, Larry Green, and have him speak to the school today.  For anyone who hasn't heard my brother is on Team Canada and going to the National Special Olympic Winter Games in Korea next week.  He came and talked to the kids about following your dreams and setting goals and working to achieve them.  Make sure to ask your kids about it.  I am also SOOOOOOO proud of how well he was received by our students.  They were kind and attentive, asked great questions, and greeted him in the hall and/or my classroom.  I will keep them posted about Larry’s progress in Korea on my blog and as It all unfolds. 

The Beaumont News will have a story about it on Friday so keep an eye out.

He will be on CTV Morning News on January 22nd.  Set the PVR!

I also made this AWESOME video to get Larry pumped up for the games.  He leaves on January 24th and the games start on the 29th.  Fingers crossed everyone!

TRIVIA - A rock candy (2 available) to the first two people who can tell me ONE of the following:
1.  Where in Korea are the SO World Winter Games?
2.  In the YouTube video below what are the last two words written to help get Larry pumped!?
(You can not win more than once on trivia questions posted in Dec or January so pick just one)

“Let me win.  And if I cannot win 
let me be brave in the attempt”

My grade 7s got to have some one-on-one time with Big Larry


  1. GO HARD!!!
    Michael h.

  2. PyeongChang, South Korea.... Go Hard !!

  3. Whoops, meant to post on another one

  4. PyeongChang, South Korea and GO HARD!!!