Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tech Basics

Let's review the basics using our netbooks and gshare accounts.


  • Your login username and password is the same as last year and the same as your gshare accounts.  Come and see me if you dont know yours.
  • If you are bringing the cart to the class for me make sure to shut it off (two red switches on the side) and then unplug.  Plug it back in and then turn it back on.  Don't forget to turn it back on!
  • If you borrow  single netbook do it during the first two minutes of class and then return it only at the last two minutes to lessen interruptions
  • Do not just close your netbook and put it away.   When you are done make sure to "logoff" (shutdown only during period 7/8) and do not close the netbook until it has logged you off completely.
  • Make sure to put it back in your place in the cart and ALWAYS plug it back in.
  • Be careful with the netbooks.  Carry them with two hands and use them in the center of your desk.  You are responsible for damages if you are not following our guidelines.

Mme. Merriman's Blog


  • Login at www.google.com.  Your login should be firstnameL####@gshare.blackgold.ca
  • Remember these are school distrcit accounts.
  • You can get the Gmail and Google Apps for your phones and keep connected
  • Email me at amanda.merriman@gshare.blackgold.ca
  • I will make a class email list and email everyone.  Keep your contacts tidy.
  • Check out the DOCS tab.  This is where you upload and work on projects
  • Check the CALENDAR tab.  This is your own personal calendar to add events.  You can go HERE to get my class calendar and the school calendar and add them to yours.  You will always know what is going on!
  • You can set up your own blog with the blogger tab under the "more" tab.

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