Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Chris Hadfield Project

As I have said in previous blog posts I have made a goal this year to have Commander Chris Hadfield come to my school, or at the very least Skype with my class.  I LOVE teaching science and this past year have been blown away by Chris Hadfield and the work he has done to open up our world and beyond to each other.  I am so inspired and want to share my excitement and passion for space, science, and our earth with my class!  

I have several ideas on how we are going to make this happen and hope you all can come up with some ideas to share with me too.

Step One - Spreading my love for Commander Chris Hadfield, the CSA, ISS and NASA to my students to ignite their passion for science!  Together we will watch some of the CSA videos and talk about what a huge impact social media has had to spread awareness.

Step Two - We will be focusing on the scientific method and process a lot this year (see my mad scientist bulletin board!).  In preparation we will be writing up lab proposals for scientific inquiries in microgravity much like the many experiments Commander Hadfield and his crew performed, and are still performing, on the ISS.  This will get our inquisitive minds going and will help us come up with ideas and questions to ask in the future.

Step Three - As part of our science and language classes we will apply to the CSA as well as Chris Hadfields "people" to have him come to our school.  Oh, and read his book once it comes out!  I have mine pre-ordered!
Step Four - We will apply to send our ideas for scientific experiments in micro-gravity into space.  How cool is that?
ISS - http://www.iss-casis.org/Opportunities/Solicitations/RFIYourIdeaInSpace.aspx
Student Spaceflight Experiment Program - http://ssep.ncesse.org/current-flight-opportunities/ (We will monitor for the next available oppertunity.)
CASIS - Your Idea In Space - http://www.iss-casis.org/Opportunities/Solicitations/RFIYourIdeaInSpace.aspx

Step Five- We will use social media to gain Chris's attention.  Through Twitter, Facebook, and any other means we come up with we will bombard our love out to get our voices heard.

Step Six- We will come up with creative ways to share our passion for science, space, and Chris Hadfield to share with the world via step four.  Videos, animations, drawings, memes, photos, art and more!

Step Seven - We will make a list throughout the year of the things we have learnt that could have some relevance to space and aeronautics and either formulate questions to ask Commander Hadfield or to create proposals for experiments in microgravity for the current ISS crew.

Step Eight- We will continue to work hard at our studies and learn all that we can each day to keep the opportunities for futures in science will be as infinite as the stars in the sky!  Let's make him proud!

Step Nine - We will completely lose our minds if this all comes true and we get to meet my hero, inspiration, and space ninja, Commander Chris Hadfield!!

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