Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bad bugs

My husband has a bit of s green thumb and an obsession with hot peppers.   He ordered some of the hottest seeds in the world including the ghost pepper and carolina reaper.  He grew them from seed starting in January and they did well in our garden all summer.  Unfortunately our growing season is too short and so before the peppers could grow we had to take them inside. 

I have a beautiful class garden and have added two of our hot peppers to it to see if they will produce anything indoors.  Another problem we have is that bringing in an outdoor plant has brought in the bugs!!  Eeewwhh! 

We have learnt all about pesticides, bioaccumulation, and organic food and although it would be easier to just buy some kind of chemical to take care of the little "buggers" we don't want to put toxins on our food. 

So we quarantined the plant from the rest of the garden and used an old trick my mom taught me.  We sprayed the plant and the surrounding soil down with soapy water.  It seems to be working and hopefully with a few more applications we will be bug free.

I love when what I teach just happenes to pop up in real life!

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