Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hilarious Hadfield

I was fortunate enough to receive two sets of tickets from some very thoughtful parents to go and see a private lecture by my hero, Chris Hadfield.  I was able to take a few other teachers with me to share in the fun.  I am so grateful!
I have been lucky enough to have heard Hadfield speak before and he is always very eloquent and thoughtful.  I was delighted to find that he is also quite funny.  He said something like "In the shade it is -150oC and in the sun it's +200oC ... just like Fort McMurray!"

He spoke of his feelings and experiences leading up to liftoff (don't forget your space diapers!) and the wonder of weightlessness.  He spoke of working hard towards your goals and the responsibility we have to children to inspire them to pursue great things.  I only hope sharing my passion for science and enthusiasm for all things space and Hadfield will rub off on my students and their future endeavors.

He sang the ISS song with a funny moment about 1:30 into the video.  Very nice acoustics at the Windspear indeed!

The best part was when he let people ask him questions and his interactions with the kids that were curious to learn about his adventures.  I was up on the third balcony and waved my arms like a mad-woman and caught his attention.  I asked him "What song are you working on next?".  He told us about preparing for the Lou Reed tribute (one of my dad's favorites) and practicing some of his original songs he wrote in space to be performed with a symphony.  He mentioned another song but in my glee from having him look and talk directly to me I forgot.  A bit of a space-geek coma for sure!
It is a bit blurry as I was trying hard to listen to him TALKING TO ME!!!

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