Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Literacy Celebration

April is poetry month and ECES is embracing the fun!  We will be working on performance poetry, poetry slams, and even "poetry in your pocket".

Tuesday April 18th - Learn about performance poetry and write our own poems

  • 2-3 minutes long
  • Uses actions, intonation, and enthusiasm
  • students write with the purpose of performing
  • passion, strength, energy
  • word play, rhythm & rhyme
  • expression, gestures, projection
  • written & performed individually, in partners, or groups
  • content appropriate for ALL grades
Criteria for the poems are found here
A simpler version here

Some great examples found here:

Thursday April 17th - perform our poems and pick one for the performance.

Tuesday April 22nd - Make our poems for "poetry in the pocket day".

Thursday April 24th - Morning - Poetry in your pocket day

  • We will give staff and students a pocket template to print their name and write a short poem of their own or a copied piece of poetry (with credit to the poet). 
  • Carry your poem around with you.  When anyone asks or you just feel like it, perform your poem.
  • Have them sign your card to keep track
  • Throughout the morning, everyone will find three people to share their poem with who will initial the back. 
  • As students enter the gym for the presentation, these pockets will be entered in a draw for prizes.

    Thursday April 24th - After lunch - Literacy Celebration

    • Classes will present their performance poetry to the school in a special assembly.  You can have a writen copy
    • Special performance by Mary Pinkoski, Canadian National Poetry Slam Champion and Edmonton’s Poet Laureate. 

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