Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sci 7

Sciences 7e - Jeudi le 10 d'Avril

Here is what you need to do for our science lesson today.  I am writing this in English just in case your substitute does not speak French.  Make sure to read ALL instructions


Work quickly!  You only have the first period (A) to finish numbers 1-3 below!

1.  Check Power School for ALL missing (m) assignments.   These are all due and to be marked TOMORROW (Friday) at lunch.  Anything with an A (absent), NHI (Not Handed In), or a zero is due Friday.

2.  Jeremy Hansen
  • Make sure you have read THIS blog post about Jeremy Hansen and watch all the videos
  • Answer THIS survey about what question you would ask him when we Skype on April 22nd
  • Make sure you hand in your permission form and check your name off the list on my front counter
3.  Virtual Labs (with your partner from the structures lab) 
  • Check out Building Big and fill you the worksheet (one copy per group - due for marks next class).
  • If you have extra time:
    • Try and build your own structures here.
    • Try to be a bridge architect here
    • Try Engineering games here
4.  Structures Project (in pairs)

  • Start your presentation about a famous structure/building of your choice.
  • Bonus marks if you pick a Canadian structure.
  • You will have only two more classes to work on this so get on it!  Divide and conquer and make sure everyone in the group is working and not just watching the other work.  
  • See details here 

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