Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Six String Nation

We were very fortunate to have a special presentation called Six String Nation.  It was truly inspiring, touching, and makes me very proud to be Canadian.

"Six String Nation is a guitar created by award-winning writer and broadcaster Jowi Taylor. Built from 64 pieces of bone, metal, wood, stone and fabric, the guitar was made as a symbol of national unity, to explore Canadian identity, and to connect people from all regions in Canada. The guitar - nicknamed Voyageur - made its official debut on July 1, 2006, at the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Over a period of eleven years, Taylor collected pieces for the guitar from every province and territory in Canada." - Wikipedia

See a bit of background on their website and all about the pieces of history woven into the guitar at

Our very on Mr. Fisher and Mr. Berg serenaded us with lovely acoustic songs.  Mr. Berg's step-daughter, August, played and sang an original song and everyone was blown away by her voice and lyrics.  Beautiful.  Finally our very own BGRS Dr. Norm Yanitski also had a turn.  It must have been amazing to be able to play such a unique and important guitar.

Six String Nation made it's way through most of the schools in Beaumont and my friend Daren Maltais and another friend's son, Johnny Nelner were lucky enough to get to play the guitar at J.E.  See more about it here and at ESBCHS here.

It was beautiful to see how each student was welcomed up to touch the guitar, meet Jowi and have a look at the unique case.


Of course, my favorite part was when he showed pictures of Chris Hadfield playing the guitar and told us that Chris even took one of the SSN guitar picks up in space!  Chris also gave him a mission patch that is now part of the case. See all about it here!



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