Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photos - Labo du chaleur

Voici les photos du labo de chaleur!  

Click here to see the digital portion of the lab

Station # 1Températures des substances
Quels sont les températures des diverses substances?

Station # 2  Affiches de température

Station #3 – Absorber l’énergie – les cannettes noir et blanc   Quand un objet absorbe l’énergie rayonnante, qu’arrive-t-il à sa température?

Station #4 Les affiches de Inside Education.
 Étudiez les affiches et découvrit des détailles importantes

Station #5 – Sensations chaud et froide
Comment est-ce que l’eau à la température de la pièce semble de changer si vos mains sont submerger dans l’eau chaude et froide, respectivement, pour une minute.

Station #6 – Conducteur et Calorifuges (isolants)
 Quelles substances sont des conducteurs et quelles sont des isolants?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Labos de chaleur

Voici les liens pour explorer en-ligne pour savoir plus sur la chaleur, la température et de l'énergie.

Links from BGRS (English)

More heat and temperature links (English)

Plus de filmes de Eureka sur YouTube ICI

Friday, February 21, 2014

Photos labo lumiere

Voici les photos des labos de lumière!!

Here are all the photos from our light lab.  It was a WONDERFUL day!  I loved seeing you all discovering new ideas about light and coming up with your own observtions. If you have any pictures to share please email me them. 

Voir au sujet des laboratoires de lumière ici
Check out all of our light labs here

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Energy Grade 7

Here is the diagram for your notes today grade 7s!

Light of my life

We have been learning all about light and optics this unit and will be having a HUGE lab day next week.  In the mean time we have done a few activities that are really fun and help bring the physics of light to life!

Looking at various light sources through a diffraction gradient makes a variety of spectra.


We also learnt about how green, blue, and red are the primary colours of light (just like your TV pixels) and when you mix them you get white ... well sort of.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ice Cream

Today in science we made ice cream to, not only study how salt mixed with ice lowers it's freezing point, but also the condensation on the outside of the bag of ice.  

This video really explains the science of it well

If you want to make it at home yourself just click HERE for instructions

We also watched a Google Hangout where they went dog-sledding with Google Glass on for a virtual field trip.  Very cool!