Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Today we learnt about forces with marshmallows!  I had the kids draw a grid pattern on the marshmallows, apply external forces (tension, compression, bending, ripping/sliding, and torsion) and record their results.  The worksheet is available for download here but only en Français

See background notes here

We will also be doing a virtual lab where they will fill our THIS DOCUMENT using the Building Big website.  It is an excellent demonstration of fores, materials, load, and shape of structures.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Vive le Carnaval!

Our winter Carnaval was a total success!!  I am so proud of our grade 7 and 8 French immersion kids who ran stations and brought their "families" of kids around to experience some French-Canadian winter fun!  I am also grateful to all of the volunteers and staff who pitched in to make this day a success.  I know the elementary kids had a great day and that the other junior high kids loved coming to try the special treats. 

A big shout out to Kerri Bauer from Crêpe and Shake Cafe for, once again, providing a wonderful treat of crêpes with maple syrup for the entire school!  Amazing!

This year we took on making out own cabane à sucre, Sugar Shack, with "tire sur la neige" (maple taffy in the snow).  It was delicious and with all of the helping hands we were able to provide a special treat for the entire school.  Now that we know how to do it ourselves it will be a great tradition for years to come.

Bonhomme also made an appearance!

What a special day!

P/T Interviews

March has been a busy month with report cards and parent-teacher interviews and I know we are all looking forward to spring break and a little repose.  Thank you all of the parents who were able to make it out to check in with me and the kids who joined them.  

Don't worry if you couldn't make it.  Instead here are a few comments or ideas that were shared with most kids:

  • Ask questions!  Don't be afraid to check in with me over homework or even tests to make sure you understand how to do the work.  I am also available on day 3 at lunch or any other time we plan together to go over anything you need.  
  • Keep organized!  Binders and lockers need some attention. 
  • Stay on top of your work and get it one on time.  It is a huge pain for us all if we have to catch or have missing work on your report card.  Every assignment counts!
  • Speak French!  You are all pretty good about speaking French with me but make sure to do it during class time and with each other.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Make sure your foldables, Mathletics, and science review books are done completely and consistently so you are prepared for tests and final exams.
  • Some kids struggle with exams so make sure to take the time to study the review work I give you, self-assess, use exambank, eat a good breakfast and get enough sleep.  Before you start any test take a deep breath and calm your nerves.  Jot down any important information you have memorized and get started.  ALWAYS ask for help if you aren't sure what the question is asking.  Never leave a question blank and never write any words in English.  You can ask me for synonyms or even to translate tricky words.
  • Important dates can be found on my online calenar.  If you have a google account you can easily add it to your own calendar. 
  • Keep up the good work!  You are all such a great group of kids and deserve praise for it.  

This just makes me smile.  Super dad!  Or is this Thor?
Either way he is right bout being a parent.  It is the most important job ever!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hilarious Hadfield

I was fortunate enough to receive two sets of tickets from some very thoughtful parents to go and see a private lecture by my hero, Chris Hadfield.  I was able to take a few other teachers with me to share in the fun.  I am so grateful!
I have been lucky enough to have heard Hadfield speak before and he is always very eloquent and thoughtful.  I was delighted to find that he is also quite funny.  He said something like "In the shade it is -150oC and in the sun it's +200oC ... just like Fort McMurray!"

He spoke of his feelings and experiences leading up to liftoff (don't forget your space diapers!) and the wonder of weightlessness.  He spoke of working hard towards your goals and the responsibility we have to children to inspire them to pursue great things.  I only hope sharing my passion for science and enthusiasm for all things space and Hadfield will rub off on my students and their future endeavors.

He sang the ISS song with a funny moment about 1:30 into the video.  Very nice acoustics at the Windspear indeed!

The best part was when he let people ask him questions and his interactions with the kids that were curious to learn about his adventures.  I was up on the third balcony and waved my arms like a mad-woman and caught his attention.  I asked him "What song are you working on next?".  He told us about preparing for the Lou Reed tribute (one of my dad's favorites) and practicing some of his original songs he wrote in space to be performed with a symphony.  He mentioned another song but in my glee from having him look and talk directly to me I forgot.  A bit of a space-geek coma for sure!
It is a bit blurry as I was trying hard to listen to him TALKING TO ME!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Introduction au l’architecture

Introduction structures et forces - l’architecture

D'apprendre les connaissances fondamentales de l'architecture et les structures du monde entier, Canadiennes, de l'Alberta et de Beaumont pour appliquer aux leçons futures du module.

Revue 3e année
  • Thème B : Construire avec divers matériaux 
  • Thème C : Mise à l’essai de matériaux et de plans 
  • Remue-méninges

Apprend des choses nouveaux :
Appliquer vos connaisances :
  • III.  Utilisez ce document pour choisir une façon pour créer une présentation visuelle simple pour aider à examiner les thèmes appris tout au long de l'unité. Elle devrait comparer les concepts fondamentaux et être bien organisé afin d'illustrer ce que nous avons appris.
a.     Google Doc 
·         Document de Word
·         Présentation (Power Point)
b.    Créer un blog - ou
d.    Glogster -
e.    Jux -
f.     Educreations -
g.    Bite Slide -
h.    Lucid Press -

Ce projet sera travaillé tout au long de l'unité et est due le jour du test: le 14 Avril, 2014

Vous avez terminé si ...

  1. Vous avez regardé les films BrainPOP
  2. Vous avez lu le blog de Mme Merriman sur l'architecture
  3. Vous avez utilisé # 2 pour remplir le formulaire de Google de l'architecture célèbre
  4. Vous avez lu le document sur ​​votre projet et choisi un bâtiment
  5. Vous avez choisi une méthode de présentation de vos idées
Revue :
  • IV.  Si vous avez terminé tôt vous pouvez essayer ces jeux en ligne et revue
  • V.  Lorsque vous retournez votre ordinateur s'il vous plaît dites Mme. Merriman à propos un nouveau bâtiment que vous avez découvert en Français.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Nous commençons l'unité des structures et des forces. Vous apprendrez les connaissances fondamentales de l'architecture et les structures canadiennes pour appliquer aux futures leçons de cette unité. Pendant ce projet vous deviendrez des experts sur une structure ou conception spécifique.

Voici quelques excellents sites Web pour vous aider à démarrer:

Paroisse Saint Vital, Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
l'édifice législatif de l'Alberta (Edmonton)
 Galerie d'art de l'Alberta (Edmonton)
Edmonton - l'hôtel de ville
Edmonton Centre de congrès (Shaw)
West Edmonton Mall
High Level Bridge - Edmonton
Pont de la Confédération entre IPE et nouveau-Brunswick
Pont Golden Ears, Vancouver BC
La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal
Colline du Parlement - Ottawa, Canada
Habitat 67, Montreal, Quebec
Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, QB
Le tour CN  - Toronto, ON
2e plus haute structure au monde!!
Structures du monde entier

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Les émirats arabes unis
Tokyo Skytree, Japon
Taj Mahal, Inde
Pyramides de Gizeh, Egypte
L'Opéra de Sydney, Australie

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexique

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Telus World of Science

We had a great field trip at the Telus World of Science last week.  We got to expernice the magic of Harry Potter and explore all of the other galleries.  My favorite, of course, is the Space gallery.  Here are some photos of my favorite astronaut, Chris Hadfiled and some of my kids enjoying the exhibit.