Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Le compostage en couches

Utilisez les images ci-dessous pour remplir votre tâche sur le compostage.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Faites chacune des tâches suivantes pour savoir plus sur les déchets, le compostage et les 3 R's.  
N'oubliez pas d'augmenter le volume et porter vos écouteurs

1.  Regardez ces films




2.  Jouer aux jeux ici

3.  Cliquez sur "Let's Get Started" et suivez les instructions

4.  Essayez le jeu et quiz 'eco-emballages'

Visitez les sites suivants de Wonderville

6.  Lisez le blog de Mme
7.  Amusez-vous avec les liens trouvés ici (BGRS ES)

8. Faire les Mathletics

Composting lab

Composting lab!! 
(This is in English so parents can help kids get ready!)

What you need to bring from home:
  • Large clear glass jar with a lid (pickle jar, canning jar, etc.) 
  • One item you think will compost (must fit in the jar) 
  • One item you think will not compost (must fit in the jar) 
  • One item you aren't sure will compost (must fit in the jar) 

It will be interesting to see the results!!

More information:
Here are some videos to get us ready!

Keep it Green Beaumont!

I have been doing some research about what kind of green initiatives and waste management our town has and I am VERY impressed.  

I had the kids do a garbage sorting activity including where to sort:

  • compost
  • recycle
  • bottle depot recycle
  • garbage
  • garbage dump (large items, hazardous waste and e-cycling technology)

The town also offers a great deal of information and support.

Also have a look at these videos

This video is more appropriate for grade 7 kids, not grade 4


Monday, September 22, 2014

Déjeuner sans déchets

We are leaning about garbage and waste this month.  The kids did a great lab about dissecting their garbage (see here) and we discovered a third of our garbage could have been composted and the rest was plastic, some recyclable, some not.

Click here to see our project on garbage-free lunches

We are challenging each other to pack garbage free lunches from now until Halloween and even throughout the rest of the year.  We love the rainbow lunch idea too.

For more information:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tec set-up

Google account sign in www.google.com

Google Classroom : https://classroom.google.com

Mathletics:  http://www.mathletics.ca/

Khan Academy https://fr.khanacademy.org
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beaumont, we have a problem!

We have had quite a unique experience to follow this week. One of Canada's very own astronauts, Jeremy Hansen, has let us tag along on his adventures in training for a future mission in space. I have had a lot of kids turned on to science and wanting to be astronauts when they grow up.  Amazing!!
NEEMO 19 team getting ready for their last day aboard Aquarius
Jeremy has been spending a week as a member of NEEMO. "NEEMO is a NASA mission that sends groups of astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in Aquarius, the world's only undersea research station, for up to three weeks at a time. The Aquarius habitat and its surroundings provide a convincing analog for space exploration" - NASA
"Back alive with all body parts! Night dive as cool as expected. Luminescence, feeding frenzy, squid..." - JH
Before he spent his week under the sea he put a shout out for simple experiments to do, both at sea level and 19 meters below the surface of the ocean near Key Largo, Florida.  See more about it and the lab we challenged him to try HERE.

He accepted our challenge and gave it a try on the surface before going into the deep.  See all about it HERE.  

The results were not at all the same as they were here in Edmonton.  This prompted great discussion about the scientific method and variables that may have altered the experiment.  I always tell kids that science is a process and most of the time your results are inconclusive but lead to refining the experiment and coming up with an even better plan.  

Yesterday he gave our experiment a go while aboard Aquarius with almost three times the atmospheric pressure pushing down on them!!  Here is what he discovered.
 The scientific process at work!  So now we have to come up with an even better experiment with more controlled variables and see if we can do it ourselves here in Beaumont. 

I sent this blog post out into the Twitterverse and broke the internet.  Seriously my phone went CRAZY with notifications.
Here are a few more pictures Jeremy took while out exploring the ocean.  So cool. 
"This wave of small blue Creole Wrasses surrounded us causing a feeding frenzy of Groupers and Barracuda." - JH
"Oh baby! Night dive time. A taste of what's in store just swam by. What you can't see won't hurt you right..." - JH (Anyone else hear Heart singing "Barracuda" while reading this??)

Now this is just for fun.  William Shatner and Chris Hadfield became Twitter friends while Hadfield was aboard the ISS last year.  Jeremy Hansen was trained and gave ground support for Hadfield and his mission.  So from science fiction to science fact, this is just funny ...

 NEEMO Mission 19 has wrappped up and the aquanauts had to decompress for 16 hours before coming to the surface.  So what do you do for 16 hours?

What a great week in science!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We have been following Canadian astronaut, Jeremy Hansen, during his astronaut training.  His latest adventure is with NEEMO 19 aboard the under-water capsule, Aquarius.  Read more about it here.

You can view live action webcams both inside and outside of Aquarius here.

Today there was a Google+ hangout where they answered questions, a few of mine included.  I am Alberta Sci Teacher on Twitter and one of my questions is answered around 6min 30sec.  

See more details here.

Very cool week!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


My science classes have had some pretty amazing opportunities over the past two years.  One of the highlights of last year was Skyping with Major Jeremy Hansen on Earth Day. (See more HERE).

With a new start to the school year my students have been diving into learning about the scientific method.  We have been learning about Jeremy Hansen's training in preparation for an amazing adventure under the sea with NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations).  

Jeremy put a call out to people to come up with some experiments he can do "under pressure".

Can your science experiment take the pressure? Send me your u... on Twitpic
Last year we did an experiment using gummy bears to demonstrate osmosis.  Please click HERE for more details about the experiment and osmosis.)  

My students wanted to take it one step further and find out if the rate of osmosis is different when the experiment is performed under the sea, at sea-level, and maybe one day even up aboard the ISS.  

So here is the experiment.  We measured the length of a gummy bear and then placed it in a baggy of water.  I normally do this in a petri-dish or bowl but we were thinking that if this experiment to be run with as little equipment as possible.  We measured the bear every half an hour for a three hour period.  If I were to do this again I would perhaps measure once an hour for half of a day.  We decided to only do the experiment with tap water instead of both tap water and salt water because it would make it more complicated to do aboard Aquarius, although the results would be interesting.  Finally we would compare the growth/size of our observations here on dry land and on Aquarius after the same amount of time.  

After 2 hours
After 3 hours
Our hypothesis is that the rate of osmosis will be greater (faster) aboard Aquarius due to the difference in pressure (despite it being regulated for those aboard).  If it were to be done, hypothetically, on the ISS we would hypothesis that the rate would be slower due micro-gravity and the lack of pressure (despite it being regulated for those aboard).

The applications of these observations are important as we use these concepts when we look at agriculture, water purification, and the needs to the human body.  These are all vital to learning how to expand our reach into the universe.  

Read more about:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014



Bienvenue à la 4e année!

Voici une liste de choses à faire aujourd'hui :

  • Présentations
    • Bienvenue
    • Introductions
    • Trois petits oiseaux (Three little birds)
    • Tout à propos Mme Merriman
  • Ranger vos choses (casiers, paniers, horaires et plus!)
  • Jeu de Bellevue/Beau Meadow/Autre
  • Ma salle de classe
  • Nos routines 
  • Stations!
    • Agendas (carte et l'horaire)
    • Étiquettes de noms 
    • Photos "Ma présentation"
    • Remue-méninges des règles et récompenses
  • Visite autour de l'école
  • Tout à propos vous - "ma présentation"

Mme Merriman