Friday, October 31, 2014

Los dias de los muertos

We had a wonderful time celebrating day of the dead in my Spanish class.  We made papel picado, margaritas, and even a few kids with sugar skull makeovers!

Getting gory on Halloween!

As part of our Cells and Systems unit my students had the gruesome opportunity to dissect pig hearts and a tongue.  I seriously love their faces.  As much as they thought it was gross they were also fascinated.


We had a wonderfully spooky Halloween here at ECES.  First was the family dance and the following week was our class Halloween party.  It was a blast!

ECES Family Halloween Dance

ECES Halloween parade and 4F class party

Most of the teachers dressed up as Mr. Kierstead!  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cell project

My fabulous grade 8 kids have been working hard on their 3D cell project.  I am so proud of their work I have had it displayed in the front display case in the foyer of the school.  Come and check it out sometime!

Pour les professeurs de sciences en français se il vous plaît cliquer ici pour obtenir le plan de projet.

Owl Pellets

The grade 7s learnt all about the food chain by dissecting owl pellets.  See more about the science behind it and a fun video here.

They also have their work displayed in the front entrance of the school.  I'm very impressed with their work.  Come check it out!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Send your name into space!

Send your name and the names of your students to space! The Orion spacecraft (a deep space exploration vehicle) will be running a test flight on December 4th and we can be a part of it. Stay tuned for chances to have your name actually go to Mars!


Teachers CLICK HERE to download a stunning printable colour paper model of the Orion spacecraft.  I cant wait to build these!

Friday, October 10, 2014

School yard cleanup

This week my lovely grade 4's continued their efforts to reduce waste and take care of the environment by doing their own school yard cleanup.  We collected THREE grocery bags full of a variety of trash.  Well done!


Microscope and Cells Lab

Read this post on how to use microscopes!  Lissez ce poste sur l'usage des microscopes

REZULTATS ICI!!!  (results!)

Virtual Microscope!  Microscope Virtuel - WOW! - 

History of electronic microscopes - Histoire et les microscopes electroniques -
L'eau d'etang -

Cellules vitrtuels - Virtual Cells
Animations -
Virtuel - 

Animal Cells - Cellule Animaux (WOW!!) -
Plant Cells - Cellules vegetal -
Cell Rap -

Microscope Fun

We had a great time learning all about microscopes and cells this week.  Please see here for our other microscope introduction and here for the virtual labs and cell rap!

Here is a video taken with my camera through the microscope!  WOW!  If you look closely you can see the little organisms swimming around.


I put together 13 different stations for the kids to explore.  
Making a wet mount of the letter "e"
This was just for fun!
Looking at pond water on the TV microscope
Pond water under the microscope.  See them swim in the video above!
Looking at onion cells - little bricks!
Animal cells
Plant cells
My cell name and function matching activity.  
My virtual microscope and cells.  See the links above.
More plant and even bee cells!
My busy bees working away!