Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tomatosphere Results

The results from the Tomatosphere are in and have been submitted:

4-1 - A:87%  B:86%
4-2 - A:86%  B:74%
4F - A:97%  B:84%
7/8 - A:97%  B:84%
Average- A:91%  B:82%
CSA National Average  - A:76%  B:74%

This has been a great experiment and we have learnt a lot about plant germination and conditions for potentially growing plants in space.  

We received the following message from the Canadian Space Agency


You have completed the germination experiment of the Tomatosphere™ program. Please feel free to continue growing your tomatoes and measuring other variables. You may even send the plants home with the students for transplanting into their home gardens,if applicable. In past years students ate their tomatoes, made salsa with them or donated their "harvest" to those in need in the local community. We ask that you please compost or recycle materials where possible.
For your information, the seeds you received were all Heinz 9478 F1 seeds. They were grouped as follows:
  • A - Control Group
  • B - Treated in space-like conditions 

Check out R's harvest this summer/fall.  Yum!

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