Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Exploring Trees

Sometimes you just have to go with it and get outside!  I was inspired by the beautiful morning and decided to change our lesson to go and explore the trees in our school yard.  Last week I had the kids learn a dichotomous tree identification key for a few tree samples I had collected.  I told them to bring them home to go and explore the woods and their neighborhoods this summer.  So I took my own advice and we had a beautiful morning outside.

Inside Education has some great resources on forestry and tree identification.  
And I JUST found this video about forestry EN FRANCAIS!!
Grade 4 selfie!!
Touch the tree!  See the waxy side of the leaf and how it changes colour as it trembles in the wind?
Un tremble.  Oui!  Science!

And then a bit of Bill Nye The Science Guy always makes my day awesome!

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