Friday, June 12, 2015

Water Quality

Today we were able to bring a water sample from a local pond to class to study for our water quality lesson as part of our aquatics unit. Earlier this morning I tromped out to a local pond near our school and almost lost my rubber boots collecting a sample of water for the class.  (It totally would have been worth it! #SCIENCE).

We used the The Alberta Lake Management Society water quality testing kits for AWQA Day (Alberta Water Quality Awareness). They are these efficient kits used to test temperature, turbidity (clarity), dissolved oxygen and pH of water samples. Results are submitted across the province and compared over time to observe results.

Using our AWQA Day kits
The pond, recording results, and checking out some critters under the microscope
We studied our sample and compared them to tap water and our classroom aquarium water. The results were interesting and sparked very good conversations about the possible reasons why. It was a great teachable moment to notice that many of the results were not even close to what they had anticipated.  
Aquarium Water
Tap Water
Pond Water
We were also joined by a delegation of educators from China where Mr. Kierstead had visited earlier this year. We were able to show them what we had been studying today as well as the robotics projects a few of the kids had been working on during options. I am very proud of how well the students represented our school and our country.

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